Who is eligible to run for Los Angeles Bootblack?

– Anyone who is 18 years of age or older at the time of the application deadline.
– Anyone who is a self identified Bootblack regardless of gender and is comfortable and willing to  wear the title stole for the period of ONE calendar year or until the time of the next Los Angeles Bootblack contest.
– Anyone who additionally live in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, or Riverside County.

How is the Los Angeles Bootblack Titleholder chosen?

The Los Angeles Bootblack titleholder is selected by a panel of judges chosen from the community. Particular emphasis is given to provide a wide spectrum of representation reflecting the diversity of Los Angeles. Three judges score contestants in multiple categories including open shine, tech boot, interview, and more.

What are the obligations of the Los Angeles Bootblack Titleholder?

At the Contest:
-Showcase your personality and skills as a Bootblack in multiple settings.
-Raise funds that will fully benefit the winners travel fund.
-Have an amazing time and make a new family for life!

During the year
– Fulfill the obligations set forth in the application/contract.
– At the completion of their title year, attend their step-aside and sash the next Los Angeles Bootblack

Anything else I should know?

Los Angeles Bootblack is NOT required to hold a previous title, or compete at a national or international level after their title year. Should they choose to, the contest will pay for their entry to the regional, national or international contest of their choice.